Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Move - Part 2

So we are in the new house and I have to tell you that I think moving a mile up the road was more difficult than moving from one state to another! I guess it has been a combination of poor planning and poor packing.... both on my part. I "thought" it would be easier not to pack up everything. In a perfect world, I planned on packing up one room at a time then bring it to the new house and set it up and then go back and get another room. I know most of you are saying, "that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" but for those of you who know me well.... this really shouldn't surprise you! Needless to say, my brilliant plan completely flopped and I now sit in a house full of boxes and I've just about given up. Maybe we can just live out of the boxes??? Maybe we'll start a trend?? Well, Rusty leaves tonight for Texas and I am supposed to be joining him on Monday and we plan to be out there for a week. The day after we get back, I am driving to Florida to bring the kiddos home and then two days after that Rusty's family is coming to visit.... I guess I'd better get off this computer and get to work!! Pray for me :)


Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with the plan, sweetie, the movers are the problem. Mostly men, right? They just want to get everything moved they don't really care what room it goes in, just get it over there before it rains!!!! If you don't get everything done before you go to Texas don't worry. When Brian and Lisa, Brittany, Kyle, Krysta, and Shyan get there, just yell out....."Grandma's coming!" Because that's the key words to getting that crew into action and then tell them where you want everything. Works everytime!!!! At least with Brian and Rusty!!! I yelled it when my Mom was coming and I needed help cleaning up. Love, Grandma Ha!Ha!

Debbie said...

This does not surprise me!! it sounds like "A Tina plan"!! it will get better. Turn the cd up REAL loud and drink some Amp!!