Thursday, July 10, 2008


For the next several weeks we will have a constant stream of family coming to visit. This is what me me the happiest! I love our families and I miss knowing that they're not right down the road. Last night, Rusty's brother, Brian and his wife, Lisa, and two of their their kids came to visit for a few days. Ashley, Brian's oldest, leaves for Liberty in August and we were lucky enough to be in the right place and be their "stopover" for the night. While they're at orientation, Krysta and Brittany and going to hang out with us. This makes Carter, very, very happy! He has been Paige and Britt's sidekick for three weeks and now he gets a cousin just for him to hang out with! He's so excited she's here and is pretty much at her beck and call.... I couldn't find the two of them and went upstairs to look.... This is what I found. Every single one of Abby's Littlest Pet Shops (+ some of Krysta's) were all set up at the top of the staircase. Krysta was in heaven and Carter was just happy to be along for the ride! My poor son!!! He NEEDS a brother!Carter and KrystaPaige and Britt hanging out in the pool! They even look alike!


Debbie said...

Shouldn't Abby be coming home soon???
and you are right....Carter-Man needs some male bonding!!