Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They're Here!!

So, momma finch has not moved from her perch inside our poor, under-watered hanging basket for the past two days. So, today I was feeling brave and went out to sneak a peek (when she left for a few minutes!)... and this is what I saw! They're so very tiny and right now all I can make out is a beige pile of wiggling feathers. There were three eggs a few days ago and by the picture, it looks like all three have hatched. How exciting! I can't wait till I can hear their sweet little peeps!


Tasha Via said...

How cute. We have like 3 nests in our yard and HOUSE!!

The Vazquez Clan said...

Abby says how COOL!!!!!

Debbie said...

It is cool until you hear them chirping all the time....why do these things always happen at your house???