Thursday, July 10, 2008

although it seems at times, that things can be upside and turned around, it just takes days like today, to remember all that I have to be thankful for.

we've been praying for what seems like forever, for our house in ft myers to sell. there are days when i'm so frustrated and confused as to why it hasn't yet. but i do know, that's not my call to make and fretting and worrying isn't going to make it sell any faster. i know my heavenly Father knows what's best and for this moment in time, this must be it! yesterday was pretty frustrating... I spent too much time trying to figure out how to make this all work out, when i finally realized that's it's not mine to figure out.... it is His and He knows what we need and He has provided every opportunity to show us His grace and mercy... i have wasted too much time on things i can't control.

just this week, He has provided us with a beautiful new house for us to call our own for the next year! It's in an equestrian community (both Abby and I are head over heels in love w/horses) and it's even closer to the kids schools. He has provided Rusty with opportunity after opportunity for him to grow in his career and do what he loves! We have three precious children who are happy and healthy and so full of love. He has also provided us with some pretty awesome friends who drop envelopes full of love on your doorstep! We have an amazing life! no one knows how the situation with our house will turn out, but i'm sure, just like everything else in our lives right now, His love will be abundant and His blessings many!


Tasha Via said...

God is so good. I'm so glad you have a new home to call your own!