Tuesday, July 22, 2008

THE MOVE - Part 1

So, it all started yesterday.... I started that dreadful thing called, packing. Since the kids are at my sister's house, 12 hours away, I was able to trash anything I wanted to! That, I have to say, was wonderful! I ended up dragging 4 large, black trash bags out to the curb by 7:oo pm! I sorted Ninja Turtles (Yes, Deb, he still has Corey's turtles!), Power Rangers, Littlest Pet Shops and super hero toys until I couldn't tell a Rafael from The Incredible Hulk! But, I am happy to say, at least for the three weeks the kids are gone, they will stay sorted into their appropriately marked bins:)

My good friend, Lara, knowing that I'm a big chicken (Rusty was in Atlanta for the night) and that I'm too ADD to actually pack alone.... offered to come stay the night with me! What a friend!!! So, we were up at 8:30 this morning, and started packing away... I am completely amazed at all that we accomplished in one day..... Lara, you rock sister!! Love you :)

Here is a picture of the dining room with all the boxes we boxes we brought down stairs today!


Tasha Via said...

you're doing great! I'd offer to help, but then your toy bins would be a disaster again after my kids got ahold of them=)

Debbie said...

I am so proud of you for throwing things away!! Not your strong point so good job!! I am glad to know you till have all of those things! TMNT rock!!
When you are done..you can come to Ohio and do my bins!!

whittakerwoman said...

Packing alone is golden! I hope it goes fast! H