Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ridge Is Moving!!

So, the big news is out! Ridge Church is finally moving to Sunday mornings!! For those of you who didn't know, Ridge Church has been meeting on Sunday nights since our public launch, almost a year ago. September 7th @ 11:00, we will be having our first Sunday morning service at the Levine Center in Matthews. We have been praying for a facility to meet in for well over a year. It has been a real challenge to start a church that met only on Sunday evenings, but the people @ Ridge are amazing... Without them, this past year would have been nearly impossible! The incredible part of the story is that we will be meeting at the same place we have been since we launched. He opened the door for us to meet in the mornings and we are so excited and grateful! The next few weeks at Ridge will be a time of celebration... we have our first ever adult baptism service next week and the week after that will be our Birthday Celebration (Children's baptism). Be praying for the Lord to continue to put people in our paths to invest in and invite to our services and for the last few pieces of the puzzle to all come together for His glory!


Tasha Via said...

Praise The Lord!!!!!!

Debbie said...

YEAH!!!! God is so good. I am happy that you all are being blessed by your faithfulness.

Candis Daugherty said...


I'm so glad you stumbled upon my I can keep track of you too! Looks like God continues to demonstrate his sovereignty in your lives. I have a quote from a Kay Arthur devotional about God's sovereignty that gets me through the difficult times and the "why" moments. She said that nothing happens to us (good or bad) that isn't first filtered through His loving fingers! He has a purpose for everything in our lives! Good to hear from you! God Bless, Candis Daugherty