Sunday, July 6, 2008

pass me the beans!

Tonight we skipped the sermon and slathered on the BBQ sauce. Ridge Church had our first Family BBQ. We had a great time! It rained most of the afternoon, so we ended up moving our "mostly outside" party, into an indoor party. Rusty, Adam and Jason spent all afternoon smoking ribs in the rain, but I have to say the end result was well worth it! Thanks guys! They were yummy! We transformed the Levine Center (where we meet) into a old fashioned country bbq, complete with all the fixins'. We served baked beans, potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, cookies and even had a smoothie bar! We had lots of visitors (Rusty's rule # 2 - People like free stuff!) and it was great to see so many new faces around. The kids (and whatever adults could convince 'em to let them have a turn!) had a marvelous time playing the Wii on two big screens! We had a bounce house planned, but it was too wet to set it up :( but the kids didn't know any different! After there was not much left but crumbs, the kids spread out and watched a movie on the jumbo screen. It was big fun :)
It was a lot of work putting it together and cleaning up when it was all over, but I would do it again tomorrow! I love this church and am so excited that my family gets to serve with the awesome people that call Ridge home!


Tasha Via said...

glad you had such a great turnout!!!!!! Glad we get to see ya'll again next weekend=)