Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daddy Misses His Girl

I was trying to clean up the desktop this afternoon and when I opened this, my heart just crumbled... Most of you already know, but Abby, our middle sweetheart, is staying with my sister and her family until the middle of July. I know you are not supposed to call favorites, but Abby and Rusty have a very special bond. I think they keep each other grounded. I know he misses her and he must have snapped this during our ichat with her two nights ago. Just a few more weeks and our family will be complete again.


Meg said...

Man I so better be able to come over there and see you guys soon!! I miss you all!!
I'll never forget when Rusty asked me who my favorite was!! Good times!!

The Vazquez Clan said...

She misses you too when she actually has a minute to think about it. Love Ya all and it will not be long and your family will increase by two more for a few days.