Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nothing But Noodles

Abby is spending a few weeks in Florida with my sister and her family. Actually, as I write this post, they are on a Disney Cruise, having a blast I'm sure! So, it worked out that we were able to bring Brittany, our niece, back from Florida with us. She's hanging out with this Burchard bunch for a few weeks of vacation time. We have loved having her here! Her and Paige have had a great time and Paige has found a new freedom in having a 15 year old living in the house! Boy, will she be in for a shocker when Britt goes home!! Back to real life for the Paigey!! There are a few places that our family loves here in North Carolina, that you just can't get in Florida. So we decided to take Brittany to a few of them and let her experience some of the fun places we've uncovered!

We found a place called, "Nothing but Noodles" shortly after we moved, that the kids have fallen in love with! You can get all kinds of pasta dishes.... Oriental, Italian and America....and my kids favorite part is you get to eat your dinner with chopsticks!! Carter has gotten quite good at cramming in the mac-n-cheese without a spoon!


Anonymous said...

Gee, that looks like fun! My grandchildren are so talented to be able to eat with chopsticks! Brit! enjoy while you can, the first grade class is waiting for your return! Love, Grandma B.

Debbie said...

We got to spend some time with Kyle this past week and he let me know that Brittany was with you all. I mentioned some of my favorite shows while we were chatting and Jon and Kate Plus Eight came up. He said, "No I don't watch that show. I live it and I'm two of eight." I think they're enjoying the "small" family time :o)