Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

* It's been a relatively quiet week in the Burchard household. The kids and I are enjoying the first few days of summer vacation and we are getting ready to head to Ft Myers in a few days.

* Didn't hit that weight loss goal I was striving for.... lost only two more pounds. Oh well! Whatcha gonna do??? I guess more walking, running (not a pretty sight, I promise you!) and biking are in my very near future. After vacation.

* Still taking in the last week's service @ Ridge.... Amazing, amazing worship. Such a presence in the room, it was almost hard to breathe. Finished up the Parental Guidance Required series. Again, still trying to process all of the info. Great, God-honoring stuff. Stuff I want to try, change, do, and undo. If you haven't heard this series yet.... check it out. Andy and Reggie Joiner pack a whopper.... make sure you have paper and pen, trust me, you'll wanna take notes! Yeah --- It was that good!

* Both looking forward to and scared half to death to go home this week. It has been an amazing and a difficult year. So many changes. The house in Ft Myers has been the cause of so many mixed emotions. We have some yard work and outside "sprucing up" that needs to be done. I know it will be hard to go there..... it's so frustrating.

* Have a list of places I want to go while I'm back in the Fort - Joe's Crab Shack, Il Primo, Coconut Point, Lover's Key & Sanibel Island (maybe a fried grouper @ Gramma Dot's?!)

* Looking forward to hanging out with my family and some great friends.

* The kids are excited about vacation bible school and I am excited that I get to be one of those moms this year. You know the ones I'm talking about.... the ones who always seem to luck into being able to bring their kids to VBS and then go out to dinner (free childcare!)??? Carrabas, here I come!! Bring on the Chicken Bryan.....