Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Last week, my good friend Melanie "tagged" me, so here ya go!

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was teaching a preschool class at McGregor Baptist Church in Ft. Myers, Florida. I believe I had a class of 10 two year olds! I was also chasing around Paige (who was 2 and a half way back in June of 1998!)

My favorite snacks:
Anything chocolate! Caramello candy bars and Pecan Turtles are my all time favs! My favorite late night treat is a piece of white bread with peanut butter spread on it and a glass of whole milk (and I wonder where all this extra weight came from??)

Five Things on my To-Do List for Today:
1-Program all the phone #'s I lost when my phone died on Saturday
2-Finish all the laundry from vacation
3-Pay bills online (this is the one I hate!)
4-Take Paige to the middle school for AIG testing
5-Make dinner for 12 adults and a mob of kids (this is the part I love!)

Five Jobs I've Had in the Past:
1-Preschool Teacher
2-Kindergarten Teacher
4-Contact Lens Technician
5-Medical Receptionist

Five Places I've Lived:
1-North Miami Beach, FL
2-Clewiston, FL (where I met the love of my life!)
3-Ft. Myers, FL
4-Lehigh Acres, FL
5-Indian Trail, NC

Five Random Things You Might Not Know About Me:
1-I have skydived
2-I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior @ a Cathedrals concert in 1992
3-I would love to adopt sometime soon
4-In my younger days, I was a majorette and twirled both fire and knives!
5-My favorite TV show is COPS

Five Things I Would Want on a Deserted Island:
2-my kids
3-my Bible
4-a camera
5-an all inclusive resort!!! ( I figure since we're just pretending anyway!!)

What I Would Do if I Became I Billionaire:
I would pay off the mortgage on our house in Florida and give it to someone in need. I would build a facility for Ridge Church to grow into. I would pay off all of my family's debts and pay for college for my children and my nieces. I would build a house in Panama for my friends to live in while they minister there, and then I would build another, right down the road for all of us left behind to come and visit them! I would buy a bunch of land and let Abby pick out all the horses she wanted!

I tag Debbie and Debbie!!
Good Luck Ladies :)


Debbie said...

Oh, yay! I'll post soon :o)