Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Author's Tea

Abby reading her Rain Forest book to me
Abby and her two best friends...
Linda Joy and Marguerite
Abby showing us the book she created about Horses

Today, Abby's class held their "Author's Tea". Very similar to Carter's "Writer's Celebration", from two weeks ago. We were served punch (surprisingly, there was no tea to be found!) and cake. Abby was able to show us some of her writing projects from this past year. The last 6 weeks of school, the class learned about rainforests and the entire class created their own book about what they learned. She is such a talented writer. She is so creative and has a fantastic way of bringing her stories to life. She wrote an entire book of poems all by herself and some of them were just amazing! I will post a few of them when she brings everything home from school. I am so proud of her.... she is such a special blessing.


Debbie said...

Boy, a book about horses from Abby..who would ahve thought?!?!? She has always loved them and I hope that one day she has her own!!
Give her a big hug for me...