Friday, July 11, 2008

cousins-part 2

Yesterday was one of those lazy, sleep in, stay home and play, kinda days. So last night for dinner, I surprised the kids and we headed to Chuck E Cheese for some pizza and fun! We had a great time. Who knew how fast 4 kids could go through 80 tokens??? Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy of all our fun! Sorry hon, that you missed that "awesome" pizza.... I know how much you love it!! Ha HaAll 4 riding the rollercoater ride! What a thrifty crew!This one's for you Rusty!4 monkey's in a barrel!

Having fun!


Debbie said...

Great hair cut!! Looks good!! I have to agree with Rusty, that pizza is for the birds!!

Meg said...

I love your hair!! I love you and I miss you!!! I will call you tomorrow with a definite answer!! Looks like it's a go!!