Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crazy Week

It has been a crazy and very hectic week!! I'm not sure what one thing to post about, so here's some of my thoughts this past week.....

I unpacked the last box around midnight last night, so I guess that means we are officially moved in!

Rusty flew out on Thursday, on a flight that was supposed to leave Charlotte at 7:30pm and have him in San Antonio by 11:30pm. but.... I guess there was some horrible weather in Atlanta that shut down that airport, which then practically shut down everything else, and he ended up not getting into Texas until 5:00am (our time!) He then had to begin his workday @ 8! I don't know how he does it..... I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband!

The kids are still in Ft. Myers and are having the best time. My mom has been teaching Abby and Carter how to cook and Abby has even had a few lessons on the sewing machine! Last I heard, she was making purses! Anyone wanna start their Christmas shopping early??

I'm so grateful for all of the family and friends who have loved on my kids these past few weeks.... You guys are amazing! Thank you for loving them like they're yours :)

Rusty and I fly out at 6am tomorrow to head back to San Antonio for a week. I've never been to Texas so I'm excited to see and do some new things. While we're there, Rusty is working the Church of God annual convention at the AlamoDome, so I'm sure we'll be rockin' out at worship!

I miss my kids more than I ever thought I could.... I couldn't even think of them yesterday without breaking down into tears.... One more week, one more week...

We are having our first children's baptism service @ Ridge tonight! It's called a "Birthday Celebration" and I know it will be a night to remember!

Sorry for the brain dump!!!