Monday, August 25, 2008

family night ~ back 2 school

Tonight was the Burchard Bunch's first "family night"! We had such a great time and I'm kicking myself for not doing this years before! If you haven't read the post below... stop reading, scroll down and catch up:)

Our theme was, "Back 2 School" since today was the first day of the new year. Rusty was such a trooper and was an awesome decoy! He took the kids for a stroll around Wally World (not his favorite place!) while I set everything up.

Here's the kids when they first got home.
The table was set with their own name tags and pencil boxes full of the supplies they would need for the night. We even had a word wall with Carter's first list of spelling words.

Going through the lunch line to get dinner! (all Rusty needed was a hair net)
We had all the fun things you would get in the "hot lunch" line. Instant mashed potatoes, canned green beans, chicken legs and bagged rolls. As you can tell, Abby thought this was a hoot!

Here's Carter-Man with his hot lunch!
After dinner we did our school work. A word search and a classroom treasure hunt!
Notice Abby making sure Carter doesn't cheat!

We ended the evening with yummy cupcakes and lots of "thanks mom and dad"s. It was a blast!
Can't wait to see what next week's theme will be :)


Tasha Via said...

I've been reading Heather's posts about her family nights too! What a GREAT idea. I know your kids had a BLAST!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

You're such a good mommy!

The Vazquez Clan said...


Ali Farmer said...

I saw your link on Heather's blog...your cupcakes were ADORABLE!

brandiandboys said...

we did a back to school night too! i love your "lunch line" idea!

i'll be checking back to follow your ideas!

Billie said...

What a cute idea! I love that one kids can tell she thinks this is the coolest!