Wednesday, August 20, 2008

girls night

Aren't they pretty???
Melanie, Katie and Lara

Last night, seven of us "girls" headed out for a night on the town. I think we all needed a good break and were long overdue for some girl talk. We started out with pedicures (thanks Katie for the "black is back" idea!) and then a long, leisurely dinner and dessert at Carrabas (with no food to cut up for the kids- believe it or not, there are 17 kids between the 7 of us!!!). I've been thinking lately about how blessed our lives are here and how grateful I am for the friends God has put in our path. Last night was just a great reminder of how much we need to take the time, even when our schedules are busy, to get together and just celebrate friendship! Thank you Lara, Angie, Melanie, Ashley, Lisa and Katie....and thank you Rusty, for always encouraging me to take that time.... I love you guys!


Tasha Via said...

Friends like that are so important! I'm so glad you had a good time=)

Debbie said...

It scares me that I could pick out your toes...does that mean we have been friends too long????

Tina said...

deb... you're a complete nut and yet I still love you!!

Meg said...

hey I totally picked out your feet too!! I will SEE you SOON!!!