Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Remember the Alamo!!

View of the front of the River Center Mall (just outside our hotel!)

The Alamo!

A view from inside the River Center Mall

So, we've been in San Antonio for 2 days now and I am wishing that Rusty and I had a bit more free time.... The downtown has a pretty cool layout and you can find just about anything (except a place to get a pedicure! but that's another blog!) in a 6 block area. We didn't rent a car this trip and I've had a great time checking out all the cute little shops around the hotel. This morning I needed to find a post office to mail postcards to the kids and a few other letters.... I was told to walk two blocks from the hotel and then make a left at Alamo Road. I was just walking along and looking off to the left... when I looked to the right, I saw a sign that said Alamo Parking. I thought to myself, "Wow, the Alamo must be pretty close.." I walked another 1/2 a block and all of the sudden, there it was! Not real impressive of a building. It was actually much smaller then I had pictured it in my mind... but pretty cool. I snapped a few pictures but Rusty has the morning off tomorrow so we will head back then and see it together. We've had a great time so far! The gentlemen that Rusty works for are really great guys and they have just adopted me into their little tech world! Hopefully Eduardo will stay away and tomorrow will we'll have a great day for some adventures! I'll post more pictures tomorrow!