Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Trick to the Turkey

Last night was Todd's last evening in Charlotte. Since we have been loser friends and had to work most of the time he has been here, we decided to go out and have some fun. We ended up at Dave and Busters and went bowling. We had a great time, although my mom would disown me if she saw my score!! It was embarrassing! Two of my three children beat me!! Megan kicked all our behinds with a 147!!! None of us could figure out how she managed to make three strikes in row! (for all you not up on bowling terms, that's called a "turkey") If you look closely at the pics below, you'll see her secret! We've had an awesome time these past four weeks... It seems as though we have had a steady stream of houseguests since the beginning of December. I know the house will be so quiet when everyone leaves, so if anyone else is looking to stay at "Hotel Burchard", give us a call!


Debbie said...

Corey got a Wii for his birthday and so both of the kids beat my butt daily on the bowling.

Tell Megan hey when you talk to her again.....I love that girl....