Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Carter, Mac and Brayden
Even Mr. Patrick came to join the fun!
The Ponder Girls, the Big Brown kids, Mac-a-Doo, and the Burchard Bunch

Today is Carter's 7th birthday. I am still having a difficult time with this concept. It seems like yesterday that we found out we were expecting again. It was the closest to a nervous breakdown as I've ever been! (I'm sure Rusty, Debbie and Kelli remember this day too!) Abby was a little over three months old and we were not even thinking of having another one. But the Lord knew, (of course He knew!) exactly what we needed to complete our family. There hasn't been a day since then that I haven't thanked Him for our precious son. Carter is so much like his father. Their mannerisms and sense of humor are so similar and they even look so much alike. It's hard to look at Carter and not see the boy Rusty must have been. I pray Carter grows into the type of man his father is. I am so blessed by the two men in my life, I am a lucky woman! Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Momma loves you "to the moon and back".


Debbie said...

HE SHOULD NOT BE 7!! But then again, Sarah Kate should not be 6 and wanting to do a web cast either!
There were days when I was not sure he was gonna make it to 7 (No more helicopter rides..please!
Glad to hear he had a great time..give the birthday boy a hug for me.....(The girls too)

Debbie said...

Ha! I remember Lisa telling me you were pregnant with him....surprise! Michael was our surprise. He and Mindy are 16 months apart. I agree....I'm glad God really does know our hearts because I wasn't very happy, but Michael is the BIGGEST joy we have (well, and the other two).