Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ribs and a Movie

Friday night was date night, actually, it was double-date night! Megan and Lauren took the kids to see a movie and dinner, and Rusty and I did the same. National Treasure 2 and Sticky Fingers...We went with our good friends, Spanky and Lara. We had a great time! Dieting and Sticky Fingers really shouldn't be in the same sentence but I guess that's what those extra points are for!! It was yummy; the dry-rub ribs are the bomb! It was great to just sit and talk, without the kiddos (they have two and we have three!) and get to know each other better. Their friendship is something Rusty and I are so thankful for. There were so many voids left to fill when we moved, and the Lord knew which ones needed filled first. We left very good friends and that was so difficult for us. The Lord knew exactly who we needed and He brought us to Ridge and the great friendships we have made here! We still miss our good friends in Ft. Myers (Buckingham and the Cape to be exact!), but I am constantly amazed at the people God has put in our lives "to do life" with!


Debbie said...

Smokey bones is calling my name for Saturday! Ribs are so much better when you are not wiping Bar-b-q sauce off your clothes cause your kids touched you while eating!!!!

Debbie said...

I've never been, but I've heard it's great. Paoli doesn't have many restaurants....actually just a few fast food and hometown places.
Oh, the days of Florida are over for us....:o).

We were at Ridgecrest this weekend and on the way home Mitch saw a Sonny's sign and pulled off the interstate. I was driving a van behind him and then there was another one after me. The people here in Indiana had never been to Sonny's so it was fun...
and Mitch LOVED it.
He likes the ribs there.