Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, no, maybe so??? The weather forecasters are saying to expect a "wintry mix" tomorrow in the early morning hours. I am so stoked!!!! SNOW!!!!!! well, maybe snow; more than likely - just ice and freezing rain.... Not nearly as much fun as.... SNOW!!!!! The kids and I are so excited and Rusty's just plain irritated. He has been praying for this (seriously, he has) and he is leaving to go out of town for the weekend. Rusty and I are setting the alarm for 4:30am, just hoping to catch a few flakes. The kids are begging us to wake them if we see any flurries. We'll see - the idea of standing under a dark sky with the man that I love, while the snow falls (or pelts, or freezes our faces off) seems (or at least seemed!) pretty romantic.... If there is any of this "so-called white stuff that apparently only falls a few times a year here in good 'ole Charlotte" I am sure I will have plenty of pics to post tomorrow afternoon. For those of you here in NC... stay warm!