Monday, January 21, 2008

Ice "Breaking"

So today, Rusty and I spent 2 hours at the Urgent Care Center waiting for x-rays. Nothing like a little quality time! I told him that we could even consider it a date... to me; no kids and more than two hours alone = a date. Surprisingly, he didn't agree!! On Sunday morning Rusty flew back into Charlotte from his trip to Boca Raton. While we were walking to the car, he slipped on a sheet of black ice and fell pretty hard. He unsuccessfully tried to catch himself and ended up with a broken hand. It's really swollen and turning all kinds of pretty colors. A few Darvocet and a little TLC, he'll be good as new in about 4 weeks! If you get a chance, call or email him.... he could use the pity!!!


Melanie said...

I think our small group is falling to pieces. Between Spanky's horrible looking eye and Rusty's hand, I thnk we may need to have some extra prayer time. :) Hang in there!

Debbie said...

Bless his heart! I slipped on some ice here last week....but Mitch was quick to catch me...Thank God! It's bad and you don't see it.

Debbie said...

Welcome to the world of winter!!!
I feel your pain..sort of....went to work out this morning and got a work out just trying to walk into the building. We got about an inch of snow last night and made things very slippery.

Make sure he takes it easy and has you wait on him hand and foot. How this is really any different than any other time I am not sure, but at least it will make him feel good.

Happy Healing!! The cast looks great! real chick magnet!!