Friday, April 25, 2008

V is for Vegetable

I have had a great time back in a preschool classroom this year. It was wonderful to just be a teacher again-without the worries of the administrative side of it all... I have always enjoyed working with preschoolers, but those that know me well, know that it's those wacky two year olds I always fall so madly in love with! This year I have had a mix of older twos and younger threes, six children in all and we have had a marvelous year! I am so sad that graduation is in 23 days! What, oh what will I do without them??? We have learned a letter each week we have been in school and this week was the letter V. Yesterday morning we planted vegetables (carrots, radishes and green beans) and it was so much fun! It's always funny when you are encouraging them to get messy... they look at you so confused, as if to say, "My mom would beat me if I did that at home!" I LOVE messy, hands-on types of learning. Those are the things they remember...... Shaving cream painting, finger paints, corn cob painting are all part of our past 2 weeks! Here are some pictures of our vegetable adventure!


Debbie said...

And F is for Fruit Loop which is what you are!!
I miss my friends, but I enjoy spending my days with Ella!!