Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Atlanta-Second Round

Rusty had another job in Atlanta this past weekend and Ridge was off this Sunday, so the kids and I traveled with him. We left early Saturday morning and headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was insanely crowded but we still had a great time. The exhibits were stunning and we spent a lot of time watching my favorites, the belugas. The cafe' was full and there was no where to sit and eat, so we wandered around a found a door that lead to the ballroom with extra tables set up. One wall of the ballroom was a window into the beluga tank. We had front row seats!! There was an aquarium employee sitting at the table beside us and he told the kids the trick to make the whales come to the window for a visit... Here are pictures of Abby showing off her whale training!

Next, we headed to Stone Mountain to take in the laser light show and catch some dinner. The restaurant we ate in was known for their "hand-tossed rolls". Stupid me, I thought that meant they rolled the dough with their hands..... No, apparently it meant, they tossed the rolls at you, with their hands! The kids thought this was awesome! It rained on and off all evening so we weren't sure if we would be able to stay for the show..... but my wonderfully, persistent husband came up with a better idea... He disappeared into the store and came back with five ponchos in hand! So, on went the tacky ponchos and off we went to see the show! Rusty and I had seen the show about 15 years ago with his parents and brothers, while on a family trip to Kentucky. Not much had changed but the music, but the kids really enjoyed it! I think seeing Mom and Dad sporting the yellow ponchos and sitting in the rain with them was their favorite part!

Rusty and I are turning around and heading back to Atlanta this Monday-Wednesday for the DRIVE Conference with a group from Ridge. I'm getting to know the road between Atlanta and Charlotte a little too well :)


Todd said...

That poncho picture needs to be your new profile picture! It's HOT!! The aquarium looks like so much fun! My parents went, and loved it...I wanna go some day!!

Meg said...

I went to a throw roll place in Alabama and we loved it.. so when I'm with your kids next week I'm going to suggest we implement that idea in your house.. you will come home and we will be throwing the big ketchup container..hahaha.. see ya soon lady!!

The Vazquez Clan said...

We are on a countdown for when we see you guys. 26 days. Love Ya All!