Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cooper Withdrawal

If you have ever read the "Who I Am" section to the left of this post, you'll know that we left our dog Cooper, back home in Ft. Myers. It was not a choice that came easy, he was part of the family. But not knowing how long we'd be in this house, plus the possibility of traveling a great deal and the financial strain a dog carries, all seemed to be too much to bring him along. We were incredibly blessed and he found a great home. He is now living with Charlie and Angela Crider and is more spoiled than I ever thought I could make him! He's allowed to sleep on the couch and chase cats (2 things I think I would have beat him for!) So, I'm quite certain he hasn't missed us a bit!

I say all this to tell you that the kids and I are going through "Cooper withdrawal". Abby has turned every stuffed animal, My Littlest Pet Shop figurine, and toy horse into a "pet". She names them, makes pretend food for them (out of scrap paper!) and they all have their own home in her room. At this moment we have a minnow (saved from the kid's weekend fishing w/Rusty) in a candy jar sitting on our bar in the kitchen! His name is Pie, as in Cutie Pie, and the kids think he's the best thing since sliced bread! I think I should break down and at least spring for a goldfish! What do you think??? We are hoping things around here will begin to calm down some and maybe this year, Santa can bring a puppy!


Micah Foster said...

I have a dog named Cooper...funny

Debbie said...

Oh come on...get Abby a pony!!She will love you even more!!

Todd said...

Go for the goldfish!! Very low maintenance, and fun to watch!! I have a dozen faintail golfish that I got when they were little (only because they were cheap!) and have watched them grow, and now they're monsterous!!

I agree with debbie though! GO FOR THE PONY!!!