Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Heading to the ATL

This is a chalk mural the kids made for Miss Megan! It says, "Miss Meg-You are so cool!"

Rusty has been asked to work at the Passion conference in Atlanta this coming weekend. I am lucky enough to be able to go too... I can't wait. I have never been to Atlanta (unless driving through downtown at 3 in the morning counts??) and am looking forward to venturing out some on my own. Rusty will be doing load-in and sound checks most of the day, so I think I'll be drinking some Starbucks and reading a good book.... or maybe, just laying out by the pool, attempting to get a little color on this very white body of mine!! Megan got in last night, so my kiddos could care less if we traveled to the moon..... they are so in love with her, they have already asked me at least 5 times, "So, when are you and daddy leaving again???" I am trying to not be offended :)Pray for safe travels for Rusty and I and for the kids and Megan to have a great time while we're gone!!!


Fenridal said...

See Please Here

Tasha Via said...

so excited for you guys=)

Debbie said...

Yeah, Megan has that affect on kids!! My kids alwys loved to be with her too!
have fun and relax...enjoy Atlanta!!