Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tough Day

Today has been a tough day.
Today, I am missing home.
Today, I would give anything to meet Sam, John and the girls at Il Primo for pizza.
Today, I wish it was Sunday night and I was in the booth pestering Todd and David.
Today, I miss Kelli.
Today, I want to be a kindergarten teacher again.
Today, my girls just pointed out that it's Wednesday and they could be at GA's
Today, I am wishing the house on Belrose belonged to someone else.
Today, I would love to sit with my grandma in her living room.
Today, I wish Megan's clothes were in my washing machine.
Today has been a tough day


Meg said...


Debbie said...

We all have those kind of days. your kids play outside.
Today...wrap your arms around your husband for no good reason.
Today....look in the mirrow and know your healthy.
Today...know you have friends that love you.....

Tasha Via said...

Today is almost over and tomorrow will be better=) So sorry Tina

The Vazquez Clan said...

Love Ya! Tomorrow is a new day.