Thursday, April 24, 2008

Field Trip #2

Giraffes and Zebras
Mrs. Huntley's Awesome Class of 1st Graders!
They were so close! Carter loved every minute of it!
Carter and his best buddy, Michael... this is what they thought of this sign!

I'm still a little sore and exhausted, but we had a great time yesterday on Carter's field trip. We traveled to Asheboro to visit the North Carolina Zoo with about 150 first graders. Carter's teacher is wonderful and very, very organized, so the trip went off without a hitch. The kids were real troopers. This zoo is built differently than any other zoo I have ever visited. Instead of looping around so that you end where you started, this zoo is built in a five mile straight line. So.... when you are completly exhausted and finally get to the end, you get to turn around and walk all the way back to the front! They had tram's and zebra buses, but the park was pretty crowded (lots and lots of schools on end of the year field trips) so the wait was long. But these kids were amazing! No whining, no complaining (well-only that they couldn't play on the playground!) and great attitudes from 7:15am to 5:30pm!! I think us adults did more fussing than the kiddos! Carter's teacher allowed the class to bring cameras so I let Carter borrow mine for the day. He was so hysterical! Our camera holds well over 120 pictures and twice we had to stop and delete a few so he could take more! I guess I know what to get him for Christmas! Above are some of the pictures he took and one I took of his class.


Tasha Via said...

how fun!!

Todd said...

Your little guy takes some pretty good pictures!!