Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carter's New Glasses!

Last week Carter came home with a note from the school nurse. The school had just finished their routine screenings and Carter seemed to be having a hard time with eye charts:)
So, this afternoon we headed to the eye doctor and now Carter is sporting these new shades!
He's not too sure about them yet.... but he keeps taking them on and off saying, "I can see that better!" (as he points to some far off place) Here's a picture of him picking out a new toy (yes, I bribed him to go to the doctor..... you have to remember that this is the kid we need to sedate to get his teeth cleaned!! I'm just thrilled he sat in the chair!) Whatcha think???


Lisa Helderman said...

Those specs are so Carter - they look great!

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie. Carter you ROCK in those glasses.

~miss chick

Tasha Via said...

he looks so cute! So sorry about your accident!!

Meg said...

Aww my little boyfriend looks so cute!!! The glasses really fit him!! Umm so yeah I miss you guys!! You and Rusty were in my dream last night.. it was funny, well kind of!! ha ha

Debbie said...

You look way cool Little man!!! Corey out grew his eye issues so do what you have to for now! Chicks dig dudes with glasses!!