Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Night ~ Halloween

the crew
the Target employee (Rusty) and the Kitty Cat (yours truly!)
Darth Vader and Anakin
Fat Man... aka Greyson

Me and Marky-Mark the Monkey

the Brown 3

Cheetah (Abby) Pochahontas (Paige) and Anakin Skywalker (Carter)

This year, Chris and Angie hosted the annual Ridge Halloween Bash... We had an amazing time! 50 people people crammed into one house, a seemingly endless supply of great food and conversation, made for some wonderful memories:) After eating some yummy "finger" sandwiches, "mummy" hot dogs and "witches brew" punch, all 50 (yes, I said 50!) of us ventured into the neighborhood for some trick or treating fun! The kids were real troopers and had a great time running from house to house snatching up all those cavity-inducing sweets:) The funniest moments were the kid's reaction to the house that was giving out Cheez-Its..... who gives out Cheez-Its??? Really??? lol ... There was also a house giving a choice between money and candy.... Abby thought this was the coolest thing ever! When I asked her what she chose, she said, "Money, of course!!" like she couldn't believe I'd even asked! Here some of the pictures from last night... enjoy:-)


Tasha Via said...

Ya'll had quite a clan gathered. Glad ya'll had fun=)
Good to see you yesterday!

oyer said...

looks like a great time. you are too cute as a cat- see ya wed. enjoy your day off- Lisa