Tuesday, November 11, 2008

looking for something different this year?

  • Cut out aluminum foil in desired shapes.
  • Arrange the turkey in the roasting pan.
  • Position the foil carefully.
  • Roast according to your own recipe
  • Serve.
  • Watch your guests' faces!

I found this online while helping Abby work on a project for school!
Thought it would bring you a chuckle or two:)


Melanie said...

That is hilarious!!!

Tasha Via said...

HAha!! That is SOOO funny=)

Debbie said...

Ha. I was actually looking for a turkey picture today to trace for my bulletin board and this is the number one on google right now. I had to hurry and cover it so that my middle schoolers didn't think I was looking at anything inappropriate! :o) Cute!

Debbie said...

Should be a man in a speedo.....