Saturday, October 18, 2008

aw shucks

Making our way through the maze
We're almost there....last sign to find before the end!!

me and my honey
All 7 of the kiddos
My little buddy:)

With temperatures in the low 60's all day, we decided the best way to celebrate the first cool day of Fall, was to head to the pumpkin patch. We went to 'Aw Shucks' to ride the wagon, pet the animals (never made it to them though:), pick pumpkins and try our navigational skills in a corn maze. This is the first time our family had never been to a corn maze (don't have too many of those in Florida!) so the kids had a great time trying to find their way out without getting lost.... although I have to say, it appears all three of our children inherited their sense of direction from their momma.. that's not a good thing:) Thank goodness for Rusty~ he saved the day and lead the 12 of us out in record time! If I'd been left in charge I'm sure we'd still be wandering around out there!


Tasha Via said...

We want to check out that maze too! I do have a question though, with 2 potty-training toddlers, where do you go if you have to "go"?=)