Friday, May 16, 2008

Writer's Celebration

This morning we were invited to Carter's class to help celebrate the last "Writer's Celebration" of the school year. Every month his teacher's throw a party to help celebrate the accomplishments the students have made in their writing skills. This being the last one, all the parents were invited. We had a marvelous time! Cake, goldfish crackers and punch were served and we had a chance to meet some of Carter's buddies and their parents. Carter showed off his portfolio of writing projects from the school year and also surprised us with a hard cover, "published" book that he created. His assignment was to choose his two favorite activities from this past year and illustrate and write about each one. He chose our family trip to the Kennedy Space Center and his trip to Monkey Joe's with Miss Megan to write in his book. Here are some of the pictures of the celebration!Carter and Mommy sharing a hug

Carter reading to Daddy Carter's Portfolio

A page from his "published" book (It's about his trip with Miss Megan!)


The Vazquez Clan said...

Wow, now I can say I know and author. I can not wait to see it Carter Man.

The countdown is on.

Love Ya
Aunt Sam

Meg said...

awww that's my boyfriend!! haha.. can't wait to read it!!

Tasha Via said...

How cool is that=)

Debbie said...

Congrats on being "published". I love it when the school does stuff like this!!