Sunday, May 4, 2008

Headed to DRIVE

In the morning we are heading back to Atlanta (North Point) for a few days for the Drive Conference. I'm so excited - It should be big fun! Tonight, I'm packing and getting things ready for Megan and all the kiddos and spending way too much time on the computer!! Chris spoke tonight at Ridge and did an awesome job of challenging us to leverage our relationships for the one thing that really matters... someone's eternity. Great stuff!! The night was amazing and you'll have to check out Rusty's blog for the story of who led worship tonight. They were fantastic.... Again, great stuff!!
I know I'm always bragging on how I'm married to such a talented and wonderful man.... but, I'm sorry... I have to do it again! Here are a few pictures of the set he created for tonight's sermon-LEVERAGE.... It amazes me the stuff he comes up with! Some people can dream it, some can create it, but he can do both! He is so gifted at what he does.... I love that the Lord provided him the outlet in which to do what God has given him such passion for!
Create for Jesus


Amy & Justin Perry said...

Tina! I am so glad you are enjoying your new Church!! I enjoy hearing about what's going on in the Burchard Bunch:) Miss you guys!!