Thursday, May 29, 2008

trip down memory lane....

The resort we stayed at this past week was about 10 minutes from the neighborhood where I spent the first half of my life, so I decided to take the kids on a trip down memory lane.

First we drove to the house I grew up in.... Rusty told the kids, "This is where momma lived when she was little like you" and Carter, in all his wisdom and tack, says, "And it's still here???" Nice to know the kids think I'm old as dirt!!

Then we drove down the road to see the middle school I went to
(or mostly didn't go to....if you know what I mean!) The neighborhood had changed so much that even though our GPS was saying that we were on the right road, I didn't recognize a thing.

Then we went to lunch at Mario the Baker. When we were kids, whenever we had a special day.... such as a good report card (well, when Samantha or Johnny had a good report card!) or when we had done well in a gymnastics meet or baton competition.... this is where we went to celebrate. They had the most amazing garlic rolls and it was pretty cool how as soon as we walked in the door, my sister and I looked at each other and said, "I remember that smell!" The kids thought it was awesome to sit as the same table and eat pizza and garlic rolls just like momma and Aunt Sam did, so many years ago!

On the way home yesterday, I was telling Rusty how even though a trip down memory lane was fun, it made me ever so grateful for the path the Lord has put me on. Had I not had such a crappy time in middle school, I wouldn't have had any reason to move to Clewiston to live with my grandparents, and if I hadn't moved in with my grandparents, I would never have met the sweetest trumpet player I had ever seen, and without meeting him, I wouldn't have met the group of guys that sang Southern Gospel music named HIS Quartet and without them I wouldn't have been at that Cathedral's Concert in West Palm on January 18, 1992. If I hadn't been there that night and given my life to Christ, there is no telling where or what I would be doing now. A trip down memory lane was nice, but not nearly as exciting as the road I'm on right now!


Anonymous said...

So glad you saw the old house. Can't wait for you to see the new house. Loved the talent show. Yes, I too tremember the pizza times at Mario's. Can't wait to see all of you ion June.
Love Mom