Friday, May 9, 2008

There have only been a handful of places that they don't have here in Charlotte that I have felt like I couldn't live without.... Probably the one that I have missed the most is Publix. I know it's weird to miss a grocery store and I know those who live in Charlotte would argue that there are plenty of stores here to choose from, but I haven't found one I like nearly as much. While we were in Atlanta this past week, Rusty was so wonderful and let me run in and stock up on the few things I can't seem to find anywhere here in Charlotte. I got to the register with 4 candles (I love the smell-Carmel Creme') and 8 bags of Mueller's fine egg noodles ( I need these to make Rusty's fav dinner!). The cashier looked at me like I was purchasing bomb making material! I guess it's pretty odd looking to only buy candles and noodles??? Anyway, she finally asked about my purchases and I explained that we have moved from Florida to North Carolina and that we don't have Publix there. She looked at me for a second and then said, "You drove all the way to Georgia for a Publix??" She must have though I was nuts!! All I know is I'll be stocking up for the year when we visit later this month! Anyone wanting to send me a care package-now you know what to send! Ha Ha


Melanie said...

Now, Tina, you need to share what this favorite recipe is. I'm sure that it is another one of your famous meals. I'm so glad you found a Publix. Well, next time I send you a care package, I'll know what to send. :)

Debbie said...

I know what you mean! That was the only place that sold Adolfs beef stew mix and I found it here in Grove City a few months back and was like jumping up and down in this little family owned grocery. They thought I had lost it!! I was so excited cause mom and dad have been sending it to me from Ft. Myers!!, are not crazy...well..not as crazy!!