Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Big Win!

Every Sunday, about halfway through our load in process, Chris takes a few minutes to catch everyone up to speed about what's going on at Ridge, to encourage our volunteers and to share our "wins". We talk a lot about what we consider to be a "win" as a church and we try to celebrate those each week. Sometimes a win is as simple as someone feeling that our service was an easy invite, sometimes it's a story that someone shares about a family that hasn't been to church in a while (or ever) and really felt comfortable at Ridge. Sometimes it's the life change that is happening in UpStreet or in our community groups. These wins matter more to us then how many people we had in service that week or what our tithes and offerings were. This is why I love my church! This past Sunday, Chris read an except from the blog of a woman who had visited our church the week before with her family. If you have a minute, you really need to check this out....... This is a HUGE win for Ridge!! This is why we do the things we do and why I am so completely sold out to serving with a community of people that seek together to leverage their time, influence and resources for a common purpose. That purpose being creating environments where people of all ages and backgrounds can connect with our Savior!


The Vazquez Clan said...

Awesome, what a great blog about Ridge.