Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures from the Weekend

We had a wonderful time while my sister and nieces were here visiting from Ft. Myers, although it went by way too fast. I don't know how we managed to cram so much stuff into such a short amount time?? On Saturday morning we went to a local coffee shop for Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. On Sunday Ridge Church joined with Kinetic Church in Concord for an amazing Easter service.

(Check out Chris and Dave's blogs for pictures and stories about this awesome connection between our two churches)

Today we rode the light rail train into Uptown and took the kids to Imaginon (a children's library and theater). Here are a few pictures from the past few days.

Rusty and I showing off our new 'dos!
He chopped off all of his and mine is about 10 different colors!
My sister Samantha and I @ Imaginon (I miss her already!)
Abby @ Imaginon
(She is pointing at the pig hanging from the mobile - She has one exactly like it named Paco - It's one of her favorite things!)
The kids putting on a puppet show @ Imaginon
Sofie and Gaby with the Easter Bunny
Mac and Grey with the Bunny. Spanky and Lara met us for breakfast too!
(There isn't one of my kids 'cause they were all too chicken!)
Waiting for the Bunny!
All 5 cousins. They miss the girls so much! It was so sweet to see them all together again!
The kids @ Imaginon. They are each standing on the letter that their name starts with (except Paige - The K and the P were too far from the others and I couldn't get her in the picture, so I made her move!)


Meg said...

The end of April can't get here soon enough. I miss your kiddos and Mac and Grey sooo much. My life is so dull without them!!

Anonymous said...

Sam keeps me updated. We miss you. I told her we should both move up there with you. - Annette

Tasha Via said...

Yeah, wasn't ImaginOn fun?! Glad you guys had such a good weekend=)

Debbie said...

Your schedule seems as busy as ours! Love to see pictures of all the kids.

Take care...