Monday, March 10, 2008

Spending the Day with Abbster!

So, in another crazy turn of events, I had the blessing of spending the day with my sweet Abby. Saturday afternoon, Abby comes downstairs and calmly says, "Mom, I feel a lump near my tooth." Rusty and I both look at each other, totally dreading the events that are about to unfold..... Another child, another abscessed tooth. I don't know if it's bad genes or bad luck, but again, we're off to the dentist. I called and was able to get her an appointment a little after 9 this morning and by 11:00, we were on our way home. She did fantastic, although she did have to have the tooth extracted. But, when I came around the corner and saw her with a mouth full of gauze and a 1/2 of a smile (she was numb on half her mouth!) I immediately had tears in my eyes.... My, how she has grown! It still amazes me that the adorable two year old who drove me batty and brought me close to the end of my rope, has matured into such a generous, amazing, beautiful young girl. She makes me so proud! So, although this probably is not either of our choices for the best way to spend the day together - I am just so grateful for the time we have today- just Abby and Momma time! Gotta go, I am off to play horses with my Abbster!!


Meg said...

Yeah I so should have hid her in my car and taken her with me. I miss her creative mind so much. Never a dull moment with that one. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Debbie said...

Please give her a HUGE hug and kiss for me. I love her so much. I would love to see her draw pictures now and tell her wonderful stories!! Even that crazy smile!!!