Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday @ ridge

Last night we started a new series called, "The Legend of Joe Jacobson " (Joseph - Jacob's son.... get it??) If the rest of the series is anything like last night, the month of March is going to see some phenomenal life changes in the people who call Ridge home. Ever had one of those sermons that hits you right where you are? That was me last night.... Andy talked about living our lives like we truly believed God was with us. In every decision; that He was there. I think all of us who call ourselves believers will say, "God is with me", but do you truly believe He is?? How would your life change if you knew, just knew, He was right there in the middle of it all?? For me, it would completely change the way I look at the house selling. It's really not my deal to begin with.... Our house is on the market in a state where the prices are dropping every week, if and when we sell our house, it will be all HIM!! All the glory will go to Him. The staff has created a blog for friends and family of Ridge Church to post responses to the question,

If you get a chance, check out the site and if there is something you want to share, please do so. You can post anonymously, or you may leave your name if you'd like. Below is a picture from last night's stage set up. My husband rocks!


Todd said...

Hey...nice recycling of the black circle screens...that looks AWESOME! I miss the Ridge...oh, and I miss you guys too!! :) I can't wait to be up there for good!!

Luv ya!

Lara said...

Your husband does rock. We are so blessed to have both you guys around. Love ya!!

Meg said...

hey hey... look at Rusty using your idea... You guys are AMAZING!!! Miss Ya!!