Sunday, February 10, 2008

Load In

Most of you already know this, but, Ridge is a church that "loads in" and "loads out" each week we have service. This means we bring in everything we need to set up for the worship service, Waumba land (our preschool ministry-Waumba means creator in Swahili) UpStreet (our K-5th grade worship service) and our leader room (where the children of the volunteers that set all this up, hang out and have a great time!). We start at 10 in the morning at the church office, load the trucks and begin loading in all the equipment at 1:00 in the afternoon. We then set up all the environments, do sound checks, and make sure everything is ready for our 6:00pm start time. I have to tell you - it's a lot of work.... But, I also have to tell you - it is something I look forward to all week! I know, I know, a little crazy!! The group of people that make up Ridge Church are an amazing crew! Each and every week, there are about 25 people that make that Sunday afternoon sacrifice and show up faithfully to load in. We have been praying as a staff and as a church, for a place to call "our own". Chris and Adam have looked at facilities for months, all with the intention of moving our services to Sunday mornings. I know that moving to Sundays mornings will allow us to reach more people and allow for growth. Such a move would require starting at 4 or 5 in the morning each and every week. I know it will be hard to hear that alarm go off that early, but I'm sure load in will still be on the top of my list of favs! Here is a picture of our service tonight. We just started Louie Giglio's "Indescribable" series. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to check it out!


Debbie said...

Are you in anther church building or where do you have church?? It looks like a great group of people and of course the lights always look amazing!! Tell me about it...
Thought of you all in service yesterday. Anything new with the house??

Todd said...

That is the complete truth, and I was only there once....I look forward to getting to do it again, and again, and again!! I miss the Ridge, I really did love it there! God is truly doing some amazing things there, and I'm jealous that you guys get to be there to see it!!

Love ya'll!