Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back from the High Country

This weekend was amazing... Rusty and I had a great time. I love being with him. Spending time together, without all the daily distractions, is something we have put a very high priority on this new year. It is indeed, the best decision we have made yet. We had a minor catastrophe the first night. This involved the rental company not leaving the keys to the cabin in the drop-box and us not having a place to stay when we arrived after midnight. So sleeping in the car was not part of the planned "romantic experience" but somehow it made the few days even more special. If nothing else, our small group got a huge laugh out of me running for my life (I swear it was a bear!) in the middle of the night after my failed potty attempt!

We went hiking to a waterfall, spent some time at a ski resort, but mostly just spent some quality time hanging out together. After all these years (almost 20!) I would rather spend time with him , than anyone else on this Earth. He makes me laugh and is so great at letting me know that next to his relationship with Christ, ours is the most important. Who could ask for more??


Tasha Via said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. I cannot believe you had to spend the night in the car!!! CRAZY=)