Sunday, February 17, 2008

Headed to the Mountains

Tonight after church, Rusty and I are headed to Fleetwood, NC for a little "us" time. No kids, no cell phones, no internet, no TV.... Just us. I have been looking so forward to this trip! Rusty woke up this morning with a classic quote from Hayley Stevanus, "No more sleeps!" For those of you a tad confused - our good friends, Dave and Christy, have a sweet little girl named Hayley. Whenever something exciting is going to happen, she counts down the days by "sleeps".
2 days=2 more "sleeps"
I really have no idea what our plans are or what Rusty may have up his sleeve, but I'm sure it can't get much better then 2 days with no kiddos (thanks Meg!) and time to be together.

A special thanks to the McCann's for allowing us the priviledge of using their beautiful cabin!


Debbie said...

have a great time and relax and enjoy yourself. At least he is "part of the club" so we do not have to worry about you enjoying too much alone time!!