Monday, February 23, 2009

Week of Love ~ Part 3

So, I just realized that I totally forgot about finishing these posts during the week of Valentine's Day!..... at least, I had such great intentions....... Shall we continue?? My sweet Abigail Faith is up next! Oh, where do I begin?? I adore this child.... she is most definitely one of a kind and I consider myself blessed beyond measure that I have her in my life!

I LOVE the way she can take the foil leftover from a Qdoba burrito and make a cruise ship out of it! I LOVE the way she chews on her tongue when she's concentrating... I LOVE her little notes of love that I find all over the house. I LOVE that when I straighten up her bedroom, I can usually find at least 10 things that I know I threw in the trash that week! (She insists that nothing is truly trash, only a treasure undiscovered:) I LOVE her sweet, sweet spirit... She loves everyone and isn't afraid to tell them! I wish we all gave our love so freely. I LOVE that she is the peacemaker in our family..... She'll always be the first to say, "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you"...... I LOVE her love for reading..... I finally had to ask her to empty her backpack of all of the extra books she had in there. I was afraid she was going to start walking like an 80 year old woman with osteoporosis! I LOVE to hear her pray for other people..... She loves her Jesus and wants to share His love with the world:) I LOVE that she calls me "momma" and not mommy, or mom.... I don't know why that touches my heart so, but it gets to me every single time:)

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How can you not love that kid?!?!?!