Saturday, February 21, 2009

meatballs & more

Yesterday morning, Rusty, Megan and I headed out to Charlotte's newest adult amusement park! IKEA:) We had so much fun! If you've never been to an IKEA store, be prepared to be overwhelmed....

The place is enormous.... I believe I heard it said that the store is as big as 6 football fields! They also say the average time you will spend shopping in an IKEA is two and a half to three hours.... Well, let me tell you ~ we arrived as soon as the store opened at 10:00 and pulled out of the parking lot a little after 1:30!! The place is so big, they have built a resturant in it! We had heard everyone rave about their swedish meatballs, so, of course, that's what all three of us had for lunch. We also had chocolate cake and a swedish apple cake that was totally yummy!!
It's amazing the amount of items you can buy at one store.... they have everthing from baby sippy cups, to bamboo plants, to mattresses and sofas! It was too much to take in on one day:) We will be heading back in a week or so... next time we're taking the kids so they can play in the kid's area ~ Oh, did I forget to mention that they have a kid's area, where your children can play (and not follow you around and whine why you look at every single item in the store) for FREE???!!! The kids that came out of the play area looked like they had so much fun. They had a clown doing face painting and balloon animals..... It took all I had to keep Rusty outta there!!


Tasha Via said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I can't get there until next week!!!