Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Abigail Faith

It is so hard for me to believe that Abby is eight today! Abigail is our middle child, born 4 years and 4 days after her sister and 13 months before her brother (that was a CRAZY year!). She was born on "dress rehearsal" day for the Southwest Florida Christmas Pageant. The setting of the story was a fictitious town called Faith, Florida. Paige had picked out the name Abigail (her only request was that her sister have a name from the Bible!) a few months before, but we were still without a middle name. Since the pageant was such a big part of our lives, we chose "Faith" to always remember the crazy time in which she came into our family! Abby is an amazing child. She is outgoing, fun-loving and one of the most creative people I know (she gets that from her daddy!). She has a heart that is full of love for everyone around her. She is constantly making and giving gifts to everyone she knows! She is smart and witty and has such a great sense of humor. Hang around her long enough and you're bound to hear at least a dozen jokes and have 2 or 3 art projects to hang on your fridge! Abby is always ready for an adventure! She loves to try new things. She's always eager to try a new dish or make a zebra from a cereal box and wrapping paper roll! (she just came riding through the office on the zebra! really!) New challenges have always frightened me, the unknown is terrifying, but I guess with Abby by my side - I'm ready for anything! Momma loves you Abby and I have never been prouder to say you are my daughter! Happy Birthday sweet girl!