Friday, December 28, 2007

Half and Half

This morning, my parents, grandma and brother left to go back to Florida. We had a great time visiting with them. It's an odd thing being in the same house with your parents ,with you now as an adult. The roles are so different... now they are grandma and grandpa, no longer just mom and dad. I guess when you are together for just a few hours every couple of months, you don't notice it that much. When you are together for a week... believe me, you notice it! It was great though. I love to watch the kids interact with my parents and especially my grandma. They adore her! I know our time with her, even if it lasted another 20 years, would still be too short for me. She is so precious. The Lord used her to lead me to the Burchards and because she allowed Him to use her, I am so grateful. Now we are down to just half the company we started with - my sister, her husband and my two nieces! Let the real fun begin!!!


Todd said...

okay, so how did you find me? I'm just doin this for my parents and the little Florida peeps....I doubt that I will continue once I get home, but ya never know since I'm now employed by myself and will have all the time in the world!!! So, only 4 more days till I get to see you guys!!!!