Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun in Greenville

The 5 monkeys at the Zoo!
Four friends
Gaby Rose (my attempt at being artsy!)
Paige and Carter (another attempt)
Carter and Sofie
Abby enjoying ice cream @ Sticky Fingers

Today was supposed to be rainy and nasty here in Charlotte so we decided to travel southwest to Greenville, SC to try and outrun the rain. It was unseasonably warm, high in the sixties! Beautiful! We visited the Greenville Zoo and window shopped around the downtown area. The night ended with ribs and ice cream at Sticky Fingers. I love spending time with my sister (John and the kiddos aren't so bad either!). She is what I miss the most about Ft Myers. I am so glad they came to visit. Only 2 days left... they head home on Tuesday.... boo hoo