Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time With My Best Friend

Rusty and I have often said that we are each others best friend. I know to some that may seem corny, but that's just the way it has always been for us. I think growing up together and having so many "firsts" together will do that to ya! If something funny, sad, silly or out of the ordinary happens, the first person I think to call is Rusty. A great day for me is just hanging out with him and doing a bunch of nothing. We have tried to take a trip every year in October, without the kiddos, just to reconnect, share some of our dreams and set goals for the next year. This year we took a trip to the mountains of NC. It was beautiful! The colors were amazing and we had a great time! We went hiking on Grandfather Mountain (I've got the shirt to prove it!), hiked Linville Gorge to the falls and had our own personal tour of Linville Caverns. It was a wonderful trip. The above are a few pics from the weekend.