Saturday, October 20, 2007

How Can I Be 34??

In a little less than a half an hour, I will turn 34 years old. I am really not sure how I got this old.(I know 34 is not really old - It's just how I am feeling at this moment!) Most of the time I still feel and act like I'm 20. I woke up this morning thinking about all that I had hoped to accomplish by the time I'd reached my thirties. It's odd how some of those things I dreamed about for so long seem so unimportant now and how some of those dreams are still so fresh and full of life. I am in such a different place in my life then I was this time last year. So much has happened these past twelve months, I definitely feel a little older and somewhat wiser. Only 366 days until I hit 35!! Aaaaahhhhhh.......